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sisisi!i see (io vedo chiaramente, sono sure): sta arrivando-llegando-comin' nuovo numero di Fritto formato a-strisce, tipo carne a straccetti, insomma, abbbbreve..e questo è uno degli abbozzi tropicali sull'ormai atuttinota carta da flyer di telefonia mobbbile (questa c'ho, questa uso)..

yesyes!it's comin'!!..the new number of Fritto strips! This is a tropical sketch on a flyer for mobiles (during jobtime, you know)


Alex said…
You have amazing designs and extensive use of colors, your work is really really creative. Thank you so much for your comment and for following my blog =)
moez said…
thank you very much, Alex!very happy you like my drawings too!stay in touch
jazzlamb said…
Love-eth your style! Thank you so much for appreciation on issuu and blog, I'm really glad you liked them. The work on this blog has some really awesome energy!
moez said…
really thank you:this is the best comment I had : energy is the best!!love your drawings too..stay in touch

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