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cartoon strip #02: NANASSA INCONTRA FONK

Ciao!ecco qua la seconda striscia..dopo il keterap con la rosicona, Nanassa incontra suo diablo di fiducia,o almeno,lo scoprirà tra un po'...adesso non è che ci crede tanto alla storia del Funkplasma molecolare.. =P
*ENG*..sorry,haven't translated this second strip the protagonist Nanassa meets the little demon Fonk..soon will post it in English ,I swear! ^-^


sonoio said…
a mí me encantan las viñetas que hacés...aunque entienda poco del desarrollo

ketepo said…
ciao y gracias sonoio!espero que algo se entiende de idioma latino a otro idioma latino..! si no pienso que voy a traducirla.. ^-^
was now up to do his illustrations, in color ...
The first, which is your profile is fabulous
already is a "trademark" of his, Fantastic!
The second, swimmer in the trampoline is amazing! With water instead of oxygen and swimwear (stamped strawberries) is very "Fashion"! Wonderful!
The aerial perspective has an unusual climate and the design of the clouds are great!
Figure 4 and 6 (in black) are very real and contemporary, we always see "types people" on the streets as well. In the cafe next to my house so I always see types, of course, now I will always remember you!
And the dog with that figure with the outstretched finger is hilarious!
The expression of the dog is the best!
I loved everything!
see you
ketepo said…
Hi Li!I'm very sorry for the late to contest you :went out of city and don't have a laptop. I'm very happy you appreciate my work: you have such an energy in living the images you like and can express in a personal fabulous way what they give to you: I love it!!Happy to have met you here
see you

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