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sketches: sexy sneakers, Phone of Mistery and grass around

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E*phi said…
Wow, I really like these! (and your awesome choice of colors) :)
Alex said…
Awesome sketches, very cool style and really like the colors too =)
Unknown said…
These are great pages! I tried to get a close up view and it doesn't do anything? Would love to see more of the details!
ketepo said…
thanks a lot guys!! I fell in love with my box of pastels..!!
@ Raena: you're right! I don't know why, but blogger has uploaded images this bad way for the 1st time..O__* i'll try to reload them
These are fun, I as well like all the pops of colour and some of the hand drawings are cool and I like all the different people watching.

Great fun & cool sketches!!
ketepo said…
stay in touch!

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