August 10, 2010

EDM no.1...chessarebbeaddì agosto blogghe mio te riconosco..

*ITA*--Questa ..."cosa" è un altro spunto EDM: disegna una scarpa. Mi sono divertita a farlo, mentre prendevo sonno (cosa che con un film su vampiri bambini in sottofondo non è difficile-ma perché?peRché?!peErché i vampiri??ma che fissazione fessa.Almeno fate diventare vampiri, non so, un bidello, o una cassiera della Coop, un autista di pullman, un pizzaiolo...non so: stupitemi..)..). Insomma,è venuto fuori questo mentre alla cara bimba usciva sangue dalle orecchie.Non c'è nessun nesso, I think.

*EN*---eheh..really loved this challenge.^ ^ Hope you like it, I think I'm found of shoes almost as the recent movies are found of Vampires (and I draw this shoe exactly when there was a movie about a vampire little child blooding with a blonde friend of her. Really don't think there's a connection...or I would hope-the movie was horrible).


Alex said...

It's cute! =) I like how it turned out, and I love the way you rendered the lines too. It'd make a very interesting character

raena said...

I like that you draw so much from your imagination.

Christie said...

I do love an especially imaginative interpretation of the EDM challenges, and this is one! Please share more.

Sandra said...

What a fun shoe!

moez ketepo said...

thank you very much!
@ Alex: thank you: drawn this one with china and (finally) a good brush-but I've got to improve,I know!..
@ Raena,Christie and Sandra:I love to interpretate EDM challenge my way and feel really happy you appreciate this "funny mood"! =P

Quase Blog da Li said...

I did not think anything about vampire movies, but certainly there are days when I'm well, with the shoes or slippers in place of the head. You could draw wonderfully how I feel sometimes!
I love your drawings! Everyone!They are brilliant!

moez ketepo said...

ah!I could not imagine someone can feel so comfortable about thismental image!you make me happy:Thank you Li,stay in touch ^__^